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Year: 2012

Tomáš Váňa

Why has post-war reconstruction in Afghanistan not succeeded?

In this paper it is demonstrated that the reconstruction of Afghanistan has failed. The author illustrates this point by a number of examples and argues that the cause of this failure can be identified as framing that applies prefabricated and universal recipes to particular cases and situations. It is argued that not reflecting particular needs […] read more

11th December 2012, section Articles

Richard Turcsányi

Jonathan Holslag: The EU should not side with either USA or China

Is there any EU-China strategic partnership? Is something going to change with the new Chinese leadership? Can EU play any role in G-2 world? What should the EU do in case of Far East tensions? One of the most famous European experts on China answers some of the major questions concerning China from European perspective. Jonathan […] read more

4th December 2012, section Interviews

Aleš Karmazin

The Changes of Power in Global Context: Global Politics Student Competition

Web journal Global Politics, associated with the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic and supported by the International Institute of Political Science announces a competition. Changes of Power in Global Context Since the end of the Cold War, there have been many debates and attempts to conceptualize, analyze or […] read more

13th November 2012, section Editorial board

Aleš Karmazin

The principles of international society are bound to change – interview with Andrew Linklater

Does the field of International Relations need to be more connected with other social studies? What are the main challenges for contemporary international system and are we still able to manage them with our „Western rationality“? Are we going to see the wider transformation of particular national political communities into international ones? These questions and […] read more

19th October 2012, section Interviews

Petr Manousek

Comparison of Regional Integration in Europe and Latin America

Comparative regional integration studies is an expanding subject. Its broad interdisciplinary nature has made it an eclectic and overstretched field that would gain from more cohesion. This essay therefore lays foundation for a like-with-like comparison of regional integrations that is inclusive and allows for interdisciplinary knowledge. This comparison (specifically focused on Europe and South America) […] read more

8th October 2012, section Articles

Petr Pribyla

American Out-fashioned Philosophy of Punishment

Why should prisons be as human as possible rather than being inhuman? Why is the philosophy of punishment in the US completely different not only from the European but also from international standards? Global Politics asked these and other questions to Manfred Nowak, Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the University of Vienna […] read more

1st July 2012, section Interviews

Andrej Krokoš

Security-related Export Controls of Dual-use Technologies: An International Law Perspective

The term dual-use technologies refers to research and technology with the potential both to yield valuable scientific knowledge and to be used for nefarious purposes with serious consequences for public health or the environment. In this article, author tries to evaluate the trade with these technologies through the framework of inernational law and present the main regimes which are designed to regulate it. read more

19th June 2012, section Articles

Jan Daniel

Is EURO doomed?

After several successful Symposiums on issues such as geopolitics, Middle East and the US foreign policy, the editorial board of Global Politics decided to prepare another edition. For some time, we have been witnessing dramatic developments in Europe and it is no different at the time of writing of these words. Because there are serious decisions to be made in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, we think that it is neccessary to look at the issue at hand from a long-term perspective and assess the successes and failures of the single European currency. Therefore the… read more

17th June 2012, section Symposium

Richard Turcsányi

Dr. James Hoare: We know very little of the inner dynamics of the North Korean regime

Koreas witnessed during last few days some important events – starting with the alleged successful missile test which launch a satellite to the orbit, followed by the first anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death and the presidential election in South Korea. We asked what all these mean for the future in Korean peninsula Dr. James Hoare. Dr. James […] read more

23rd February 2012, section Interviews