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Year: 2013

Peter Stevkov

Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith

The United States has always been a nation, in which religion has played an important role. The relationship between religion and internal American politics has long been a subject of interest for many scholars, but how did the religion influence US foreign policy? What role did it play in the decisions of US presidents whether […] read more

26th February 2013, section Reviews

Nikola Schmidt

The Flaws of Transitional Justice in Afghanistan

Before the 9/11 events, Afghanistan was virtually unknown to the public. A country in the middle of nowhere, close to the Himalayas, someone more informed would have said say in the Hindu Kush Mountains. The country was known only as a geographically strategic area for the world superpowers, but deeper knowledge about its society was scarce. […] read more

3rd February 2013, section Articles

Michaela Bendikova

President Obama’s Nuclear Policy

Since taking office, the Obama Administration has sought to enact policies that would fundamentally change premises on which the U.S. nuclear posture has lain since the dawn of the nuclear age. If Congress fails to act to prevent them, the United States will end up weaker and allies around the world will further question the […] read more

21st January 2013, section Essays

Richard Turcsányi

David Shambaugh: Charting China’s Future: Domestic and International Challenges

There is a fundamental question whenever the topic of China is raised in a conversation – ‘What it will look like in the future’? While some scholars choose to present a sensational picture of a “well based scenario”, others play the ‘ostrich tactic’ and ignore the question completely, quite likely for its complexity and fear of […] read more

13th January 2013, section Reviews

Aleš Karmazin a Jaromír Vojtaj

New directions or old issues? Challenges for the new U.S. President

Many our previous symposia have addressed crucial contemporary international (geo)political issues. We continue this established tradition with the current Symposium, aimed on finding the most important future challenges for the leader of the most important great power – the new president of the USA. Besides that, we also asked scholars with different theoretical, cultural and/or ideological […] read more

4th January 2013, section Symposium

Roman Pačka

Peter Watt and Roberto Zepeda: Drug War Mexico: Politics, Neoliberalism, and Violence in the New Narcoeconomy

The drug war among the Mexican state and drug cartels is still escalating. Some observers and analysts have even expressed doubts about the state stability and the Mexican government's a­bility to solve this crucial issue. According to some analysts the main cause of this inability lies in the lack of understanding of the roots of the […] read more

2nd January 2013, section Reviews