Časopis pro politiku a mezinárodní vztahy

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Časopis pro politiku a mezinárodní vztahy

GP Special Series: The Challenges of Central European Security – Critical Insights

Global Politics is proud to present its second book published as part of the GP Special Series, in cooperation with the International Institute of Political Science and Masaryk University Press.

This time we bring together authors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Latvia – Jan Daniel, Richard Q. Turcsányi, Diāna Potjomkina, Tamás Csiki, Ľubomír Lupták, and Václav Walach, who together authored the book titled „The Challenges of Central European Security: Critical Insights“ (E-book download).

The book employs various theories of contemporary security studies to explore some of the most important and most common security issues in Central Europe at this time. Individual chapters of the book adhere mainly to European branches of critical and constructivist security studies, through which they look at some of the salient topics of Central European security politics.

The distinction between internal and external security issues is employed throughout the book for analytical purposes. Under this framework, alliance building, security guarantees, special relationships, the relational politics of identity, and relations with major powers – documented in the book on the case of Latvia’s relations with United States – are examples of external security issues. Various pressing domestic security challenges, illustrated on the case of Hungarian far-right movements and their activities towards the Roma minority, are examples of internal security issues. At the same time, the book does not attempt to draw a line between internal and external security issues and each case also discusses overlaps between the two and defies simple distinctions.

Finally, the book calls into attention broader theoretical and methodological questions of the study of contemporary security issues in the region. Examples of a specific marginalized community and the security bureaucracy of Slovakia demonstrate how primarily local issues point to broader societal dynamics and are in a way illustrative of developments in other places of the region. These examples also demonstrate the transcending character of contemporary security issues in contrast to a simple internalversus-external dichotomy.

The full text of the e-book can be downloaded here.

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27. 3. 2015