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The web magazine Global Politics was founded in 2001 and is one of the first Czech Internet journals focusing on international relations and European studies. The main goal of the project has been to offer readers scholarly views on developments in political science, international relations, the European Union and politically important topics and events. The magazine is a student project that speaks to students of relevant social sciences to foster their interest in politics.

Global Politics offers an opportunity to publish articles, studies, discussions and reviews and it actively joins current scholarly discussions.

The magazine was founded by a group of students from the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University who wanted to develop and foster scholarly discussions of mentioned topics in the Czech Republic. Global Politics has been supported by International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk University since January 2003 and cooperates with its Student Section on numerous projects such as “Focused on EU”. GP changed the graphic design of its web page in January 2006 when the new logo was created and again in March 2012.

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Global Politics magazine is published by civic association SOCIETAS 2001, Brno, IČO: 26586754.

Editor in Chief

Miroslava Pavlíková

Mirka Pavlikova is an undergraduate student of Political Science and Security and Strategic Studies at the Masaryk University. She is interested in new religiosity issues and Czech political and party system.

Executive Editors

Bronislava Vráželová

Bronislava Vráželová is a student of International Relations at the Masaryk University (M.A.). She is interested in Development Studies and Latin America. She is also interested in EU agenda.

Jakub Drmola

Jakub Drmola is a Ph.D. candidate in Security and Strategic Studies at the Department of Political Science at Masaryk University in Brno. His main research interests are cybernetic threats, asymmetric conflicts, impact of modern technology on security and application of system dynamics.

Head of Editorial Board

Lukáš Hoder

Lukáš Hoder is a Ph.D. candidate in International Relations at Masaryk University and a Fulbright LL.M. candidate in International Law at Georgetown University. He worked as a lawyer for the Government Office of the Czech Republic in Prague and co-founded The Czech Center for Human Rights and Democratization. He wrote a book on current transatlantic relations published by MUNIPress in 2009 and wrote number of articles and essays on international law, foreign policy and human rights.

Editorial Board

Roman Pačka

Roman Pačka studies Security and Strategic Studies (M.A.) at Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. His research interests are nuclear policy, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and criminology. He is a member of The Czech Society of Criminology.

Jitka Kuncová

Jitka Kuncová is a student of International Relations and European studies at Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University.

Aleš Karmazin

Aleš Karmazin is about to finish his Master's degree in the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University. He is focused on theoretical approaches to study of politics, role of state in IR, statehood and state sovereignty transformation. In his regional specialization, he deals with China's domestic and foreign policy and the region of East Asia. He also worked as a research assistant at the Institute of International Relations, Prague.


Jan Daniel, Markéta Bartoníčková, Richard Turcsányi, Petr Ocelík, Jaromír Vojtaj, Peter Števkov, Petra Kellerová, Jiří Baroš, Lubomír Majerčík, Martin Hrabálek, Jan Lasák, David Müller, Petr Zelinka, Viktória Babicová, Michael Brtnický, Martin Vlnas, Zbyněk Smetana, Alžběta Karolyiová, Lenka Procházková, Ondřej Mocek, Libor Rosenzweig, Lukáš Martinák, Stanislav Maselnik, Jana Kovačovská, Ondrej Gažovič, Tomáš Profant, Jana Urbanovská, Dalibor Jenne, David Minařík, Karel Musílek, Jozef Janovský a Tomáš Blažek.


Růžena Machálková, Petra Kozová


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