Časopis pro politiku a mezinárodní vztahy

Global Politics

Časopis pro politiku a mezinárodní vztahy

The Changes of Power in Global Context: Global Politics Student Competition

Web journal Global Politics, associated with the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic and supported by the International Institute of Political Science announces a competition.

Changes of Power in Global Context

Since the end of the Cold War, there have been many debates and attempts to conceptualize, analyze or explain global change(s) of power from various perspectives. This essay competition gives students of bachelor's or master's programs an opportunity to contribute to the debate.

The goal of the competition is to interpret changes of power at the global level which may include using different approaches to study of global politics (security/strategic studies, international political economy, approaches inspired by political sociology etc.). Participants' papers may be theoretical investigations or empirical analyses, but need to reflect or relate to global distribution of power in world politics since the end of the Cold War.

Papers will be assessed according to their originality, precision, and quality of argumentation. They must use a consistent referencing style and the length should be no longer that 3,000 words (including footnotes, excluding bibliography). Quallity of an essays will be assessed by anonymous reviewing.

The best essays will be published in the Global Politics magazine and rewarded 2,000 CZK (about 80 EUR); 1,500 CZK (about 60 EUR) and 1,000 CZK (about 40 EUR) in the form of voucher for buying academia literature.

Deadline of submissions: 31th December 2012.

Please send your papers or queries to: redakce@globalpolitics.cz

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Aleš Karmazin
13. 11. 2012