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Petr Pribyla

Human Development Index: How to cope with its limitations?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is used to measure quality of life in countries across the world. This index has been published – on regular basis – since 1990, however its contribution and ability of covering up as sliding concept as human development in its own scope has been still highly discussed. Main aim of this paper is to focus at limitations of Human Development Index and try to answer questions, concerning how deeply this measurement is able to reflect the reality in particular countries. I will discuss the usefulness of the conceptual framework of “human development”… read more

1st April 2010, section Articles

Jeff Lightfoot

America’s New Partnership with Central Europe

In his remarks in Bucharest, the US Vice President Biden celebrated the democratic and economic development of Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of Communism twenty years ago. The Vice President stressed that the United States now looks for what it can do with Central and Eastern Europe, rather than what it can do for the countries of the region. This important distinction by the Vice President demonstrates the growing normalization of U.S. relationship with Central Europe and further blurs the once profound divisions of the Continent. read more

3rd November 2009, section Articles

Tomáš Vlček

The South China Sea and The Threat of Piracy

This article deals with some aspects of one of serious problems in present international relations, which is the regional problem of piracy. This analysis shows the reader key phenomena why is the piracy in the Southeast Asia such a problem for international relations. The targets of this thesis are first to define the position of the threat of piracy among other threats to this region, second to inform the reader about the situation of piracy in the South East Asian region and its connotation for international relations and third to give some review and also proposals of the… read more

18th June 2009, section Articles

Laura Supjeva

Russian Television under Putin

Since the Vladimir Putin’s accession to the presidency of the Russian Federation in 2000 the state has gone through significant changes and reforms introduced by the new president. The country under Putin’s rule managed the financial crisis of 1998, experienced rapid economic growth and faced power centralization. Particularly, the power rearrangements called for international doubts regarding state of democracy in the federation. One of the democracy threats is Putin’s inter­ference in the realm of free media. Ultimately, the most severe measures realized by Kremlin were undertaken… read more

5th June 2009, section Articles

Tomáš Profant

Barcelona Process: Political Background and Goals

Why is the EU interested in the export of norms to the Mediterranean? The answer to this question is quite simple and is being repeated in most of the literature on the Barcelona Process. It seems to be the migration. But is it so? read more

24th February 2008, section Articles