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Section: Interviews

Michaela Pavlíková

Professor Alfred Tovias from Hebrew University on the EU-Israel relations in trade and politics

European Union and Israeli common history is marked by growing interdependence and cooperation as well as disruptions in mutual accord. Both entities, however, share according to EEAS1 same values of democracy, rule of law and are committed to an open international economic system. The following interview is proposing insight into these complex relations bearing in […] read more

31st October 2015, section Interviews

Richard Turcsányi

Dr. Alfred Gerstl: The EU could learn something from ASEAN

Alfred Gerstl is a Lecturer at the Chair of East Asian Economy and Society at the University of Vienna. His research and publications focus on regional cooperation, crises and conflicts in Southeast Asia, the centrality of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the changing notion of security, in particular human security, and collaboration between […] read more

25th August 2014, section Interviews

Filip Šebok

Dr. Teng Jianqun: No position in Ukraine is the best for China

Dr. Teng Jianqun is Director of the Department for American Studies and a senior research fellow at China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). He has worked at CIIS since his demobilization in September 2004. Dr. Teng served in the PLA (People’s Libe­ration Army) for 25 years, first in the Navy (1979–1992) and later in the Academy of Military […] read more

25th June 2014, section Interviews

Denis Dobrovoda

Dr. Constantinos Repapis: Europe is going to be a smaller part of the world

Dr Repapis spoke to us about topics that have dominated the economic debate about Europe for years – the origins of the crisis, the nature of technocratic rule, the economic and political reforms of the Union, and its importance in global economy. His views provide a refreshing pro-European outlook in times when Euroscepticism is becoming increasingly […] read more

7th January 2014, section Interviews

Richard Turcsányi

Prof. Kerry Brown: China isn’t just a positive or a negative force, it is very complicated

Relations between China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries have recently become a hot topic, for professionals as well as academics. Chinese presence in this region has been increasing rapidly and there are signs that it is going to grow in the future. Yet, without much previous contacts and knowledge, the CEE countries and […] read more

16th October 2013, section Interviews

Richard Turcsányi

Jonathan Holslag: The EU should not side with either USA or China

Is there any EU-China strategic partnership? Is something going to change with the new Chinese leadership? Can EU play any role in G-2 world? What should the EU do in case of Far East tensions? One of the most famous European experts on China answers some of the major questions concerning China from European perspective. Jonathan […] read more

4th December 2012, section Interviews

Aleš Karmazin

The principles of international society are bound to change – interview with Andrew Linklater

Does the field of International Relations need to be more connected with other social studies? What are the main challenges for contemporary international system and are we still able to manage them with our „Western rationality“? Are we going to see the wider transformation of particular national political communities into international ones? These questions and […] read more

19th October 2012, section Interviews

Petr Pribyla

American Out-fashioned Philosophy of Punishment

Why should prisons be as human as possible rather than being inhuman? Why is the philosophy of punishment in the US completely different not only from the European but also from international standards? Global Politics asked these and other questions to Manfred Nowak, Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the University of Vienna […] read more

1st July 2012, section Interviews

Richard Turcsányi

Dr. James Hoare: We know very little of the inner dynamics of the North Korean regime

Koreas witnessed during last few days some important events – starting with the alleged successful missile test which launch a satellite to the orbit, followed by the first anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death and the presidential election in South Korea. We asked what all these mean for the future in Korean peninsula Dr. James Hoare. Dr. James […] read more

23rd February 2012, section Interviews

Petr Pribyla

Interview with Anja Mihr – on Transitional Justice, Democratization and Challenges of Post-conflict Development

Why should amnesties be seen as the very last resort of any political decision to be taken in the transitional process? Which transitional justice mechanism is the most crucial to be imposed first in periods of the transition? What have we learned about transitional justice from the case of Spain after Franco’s death in 1975? Why does one of the reconciliation policies in Rwanda require former perpetrators who participated in Genocide to wash the bones and sculls of those they had killed in 1994? These questions were answered by Anja Mihr, Associate Professor at the Netherlands… read more

18th December 2011, section Interviews