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Petr Pribyla

Interview with Peter Singer – On Global Poverty, Human Rights and Ethical Questions

Where are the boundaries of our moral obligations in eradicating global poverty? At what point can we speak of a fetus as a human being? Are we capable of reaching objectivism in ethical questions? For what reason is it necessary to reach reassessment of our view of human rights concept? Peter Singer, Ira W. De Camp professor of bioethics in a Centre for Human Values at Princeton University and Laureate professor at University of Melbourne, has been standing at the forefront of debates about our ethical obligations and approaching global poverty, euthanasia, abortions and animal… read more

28th September 2011, section Interviews

Jan Daniel a Kristina Horňáčková

Zaid Eyadat: The major motivation for Arab revolutions was about human dignity

Dr. Zaid Eyadat is a professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Jordan and the chairperson of the Human Rights and Human Development department. He graduated from the University of Southern California, where he continues to teach. He has also taught at various universities in the USA and Jordan and has worked as a consultant for diverse international organizations and NGOs. Recently he conducted a course called Islam and Human Rights at Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. Editors of Global Politics and Bulletin of The… read more

18th July 2011, section Interviews

Jana Kovačovská

Gould: „Southern Corridor Needs To Be Perceived as Open for Business”

Tim Gould is Manager for the Caspian, Caucasus and Southeast Europe in the Directorate of Global Energy Dialogue of the International Energy Agency in Paris. Prior to taking up this position in 2008, he dealt with a wide range of Eurasian energy issues as Senior Advisor to the Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat (from 2004). The interview took place in the IEA headquarters in Paris. Part of this interview has also been published in the Bulletin of Azerbaijan and Caspian Studies Center, which operates under the International Institute of Political Science of… read more

22nd April 2010, section Interviews

Jana Kovačovská

Efendiev: “More EU and NATO Involvement in the Caspian Region Is a Win-Win Scenario”

Altai Efendiev is the Head of Department of Economic Cooperation and Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. From 2000 to 2004, he was Economic Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He also acted as Deputy Secretary General of the Permanent International Secretariat of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). Part of this interview has been published in the Bulletin of Azerbaijan and Caspian Studies Center, which operates under the International Institute of Political Science of the Masaryk University. read more

20th April 2010, section Interviews

Petr Ocelík

EU, Turkey and energy policy

Global Politics on the occasion of conference on “Energy Security of the Caspian Region” (20th November 2008, Brno), held by Azerbaijan and Caspian Studies Center under the International Institute of Political Science, brings an interview with Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in the Czech Republic, His Excellency Mr. Koray Targay. We focused on issues concern EU energy policy in relation to Caspian region, position of Turkey in region, perspectives of regional cooperation in energetics, and Czech-Turkey relations. Why are Caspian energy resources so important for Europe?… read more

27th January 2009, section Interviews