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Aleš Karmazin a Jaromír Vojtaj

New directions or old issues? Challenges for the new U.S. President

Many our previous symposia have addressed crucial contemporary international (geo)political issues. We continue this established tradition with the current Symposium, aimed on finding the most important future challenges for the leader of the most important great power – the new president of the USA. Besides that, we also asked scholars with different theoretical, cultural and/or ideological […] read more

4th January 2013, section Symposium

Jan Daniel

Is EURO doomed?

After several successful Symposiums on issues such as geopolitics, Middle East and the US foreign policy, the editorial board of Global Politics decided to prepare another edition. For some time, we have been witnessing dramatic developments in Europe and it is no different at the time of writing of these words. Because there are serious decisions to be made in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, we think that it is neccessary to look at the issue at hand from a long-term perspective and assess the successes and failures of the single European currency. Therefore the… read more

17th June 2012, section Symposium

Jan Daniel

Changing Geopolitics of the Caspian Region?

After the last Middle East Symposium, Global Politics editors have decided to shift their attention to other very interesting region – Caspian Sea. According to many IR scholars, world is now experiencing the power shift from the West to so called „emerging powers“, which is accompanied by various geopolitical turmoils. But is this also the case of Caspian region? If so, could this change bring some fresh air to local frozen conflicts? These questions were answered by various experts with diverse background and professional experience, but profound understanding of Caspian… read more

2nd November 2011, section Symposium

Jan Daniel a František Novotný

Democracy in the Middle East?

Following the tradition of past successful Symposiums, editors of Global Politics decided to focus this time on recent popular uprisings in the Arab World. There are not many issues in contemporary international politics that are so dynamically developing and vigorously debated as this one. By addressing various Middle East specialists with diverse backgrounds and institutional affiliations such as London School of Economics and Political Science, John Hopkins University or American University of Beirut, we would like to contribute a little to the debate and hopefully bring… read more

30th May 2011, section Symposium

Petr Ocelík

Energy Security of the European Union

Editors of Global Politics in cooperation with International Institute of Political Science present the Symposium dedicated to the feverishly discussed issue of EU energy security. It is our great pleasure to publish the answers of experts from Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The questions of GP were answered by Tatiana Romanova, Andrea Figuľova, Ivo Samson, Oldřich Petržílek and Filip Černoch. read more

1st November 2009, section Symposium

Lukáš Hoder

US Foreign Policy Towards Central Europe

After the Middle East Symposium and The Future of the European Union Symposium, editors of the Global Politics journal have decided to launch a Symposium on the Foreign Policy of the United States towards Central Europe. By providing our readers with the opinions of influential scholars from the field, GP aims to stimulate the public debate about the foreign policy of presidents' G. W. Bush, W. J. Clinton and B. H. Obama administrations from the Central Europe´s point of view. Where are the most important differences? What will be the main change during the new B. H. Obama… read more

30th July 2009, section Symposium

Lukáš Hoder, Tomáš Blažek a Ondrej Gažovič

The Future of the European Union

Encouraged by the apparent success of the Middle East Symposium project, editors of the Global Politics journal have decided to launch a Symposium on the Future of the European Union. By providing our readers with the thoughts of influential scholars from the field, GP aims to stimulate the public debate on the future direction of European integration. It is our great pleasure to publish the answers of J. Bátora, P. Drulák, P. Kratochvíl, K. Hughes, I.B. Neumann, M. Pitrová, and M. Vašečka. read more

27th November 2006, section Symposium