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Topic: Chinese foreign policy

Filip Šebok

Dr. Teng Jianqun: No position in Ukraine is the best for China

Dr. Teng Jianqun is Director of the Department for American Studies and a senior research fellow at China Institute of International Studies (CIIS). He has worked at CIIS since his demobilization in September 2004. Dr. Teng served in the PLA (People’s Libe­ration Army) for 25 years, first in the Navy (1979–1992) and later in the Academy of Military […] read more

25th June 2014, section Interviews

Richard Turcsányi

David Shambaugh: Charting China’s Future: Domestic and International Challenges

There is a fundamental question whenever the topic of China is raised in a conversation – ‘What it will look like in the future’? While some scholars choose to present a sensational picture of a “well based scenario”, others play the ‘ostrich tactic’ and ignore the question completely, quite likely for its complexity and fear of […] read more

13th January 2013, section Reviews