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Topic: Human Rights

Max Steuer

Human Rights and Human Well-being Aroud the Globe

Do ‘more’ human rights enable people live better? The answer might be obvious for human rights defenders but measuring the relationship between human rights and human well-being is more complicated. Via reviewing existing research on how human rights, in particular civil and political rights influence the standards of peoples’ lives, this paper identifies two approaches […] read more

31st August 2015, section Articles

František Novotný

Freedom of Religion Abuses in Malaysia

The essay discusses renouncing of Islam, prohibition of other Islamic teachings and propagation of other religions and proselytizing among Muslims in Malaysia through constitutional and respective state law along with the cases related to such abuse. In the second part author outlines possible circumstances that may have contributed to keeping the freedom of religion in Malaysia on nowadays level. read more

10th February 2011, section Articles

Petr Pribyla

Human Development Index: How to cope with its limitations?

The Human Development Index (HDI) is used to measure quality of life in countries across the world. This index has been published – on regular basis – since 1990, however its contribution and ability of covering up as sliding concept as human development in its own scope has been still highly discussed. Main aim of this paper is to focus at limitations of Human Development Index and try to answer questions, concerning how deeply this measurement is able to reflect the reality in particular countries. I will discuss the usefulness of the conceptual framework of “human development”… read more

1st April 2010, section Articles