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Topic: Turecko

Petr Ocelík

EU, Turkey and energy policy

Global Politics on the occasion of conference on “Energy Security of the Caspian Region” (20th November 2008, Brno), held by Azerbaijan and Caspian Studies Center under the International Institute of Political Science, brings an interview with Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in the Czech Republic, His Excellency Mr. Koray Targay. We focused on issues concern EU energy policy in relation to Caspian region, position of Turkey in region, perspectives of regional cooperation in energetics, and Czech-Turkey relations. Why are Caspian energy resources so important for Europe?… read more

27th January 2009, section Interviews

Lukáš Hoder, Tomáš Blažek a Ondrej Gažovič

The Future of the European Union

Encouraged by the apparent success of the Middle East Symposium project, editors of the Global Politics journal have decided to launch a Symposium on the Future of the European Union. By providing our readers with the thoughts of influential scholars from the field, GP aims to stimulate the public debate on the future direction of European integration. It is our great pleasure to publish the answers of J. Bátora, P. Drulák, P. Kratochvíl, K. Hughes, I.B. Neumann, M. Pitrová, and M. Vašečka. read more

27th November 2006, section Symposium